August 13, 2013


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It was Saturday, February 13th, 2011. Exactly one year later from the day I first met Casey at the Theology of the Body talk in San Diego. 

The evening of the 13th I had to work the Mardi Gras Charity Ball for Catholic Charities of Orange County. The following day was Valentine's Day. I got home late from the ball and had a bunch of valentines that I still needed to finish up.

Confession: I can get WAY over my head with crafting. I had good intentions, but I probably was making too many labor intensive valentines that year. Let's just say I stayed up till 3am working on them... Why, you may ask? Because I am crazy; literally crazy. Casey had a big day planned for us, and instead of preparing for that, I was cutting, stamping, and glue gunning paper. 

The plan was to leave my house early in the morning to head down to San Diego, so we could spend the day together. Instead, I woke up late with my head resting on my kitchen counter in a pile of pink and red hearts, and a piece of paper stuck to the side of my face. It was a moment of sheer panic! What had I done? I had waited my whole life for a Valentine's Day like this, and my inner "Martha Stewart wannabe" had ruined it. 

I frantically called Casey and told him what had happened. Thank God he is an understanding person because at the time I was calling him from my home in Orange County, I should have been arriving at his house in San Diego. He calmed me down and told me, "everything was going to be fine." He told me to just get ready and get to San Diego when I could. Reason #50883 that I love him. 

I arrived to beautiful pink roses, a heartfelt card, a box of cupcakes from "Cupcake Square," and a set of little containers from Anthropologie. Yes, Anthropologie! I would have been impressed if he had even heard of Anthropologie, but the man not only had heard of it, but had shopped there; for me! Reason #50884 why I love him. Before we left his house, I was given the container with the number 4 on it. I opened it up, only to find a sweet note inside, with "Level 4" written on top. 
Why the numbers? Did they mean something? Yes. Yes, they did :) 

When we started dating, I would often joke around with him that our relationship was only on "level 2" or "level 3". For example, it was one of my friend's birthday parties and everyone was asking me why I didn't invite Casey, which I kindly replied with, "We are only on level 3, that would be level 7." The numbers were his way of playing off my weirdness with relationship levels. 
He had to rearrange a lot of things due to my later arrival, but he was very gracious about it, and the day was better than any Valentine's Day I dreamed about. 

Each place that he took me, I was given another container. "Level 5" was a late picnic lunch on the top of Mount Soledad, which has one of the best views in San Diego. "Level 6" was a beach front spot in La Jolla right on the water. "Level 7" was Mass at the beautiful Founder's Chapel at the University of San Diego (later to find out that we would get married in this chapel). After Mass, there was one container left. We were outside the chapel walking to the car before going to dinner, where he decided  to give me the last container. 

When he handed me the last container, I realized there was a zero on it. I was intrigued to say the least. I opened it and found the sweetest note. I won't share the whole note, but here is a little excerpt, 
"From the time we began hanging out, there have been many "levels" to our friendship. I know this has been a joke and I think it has been really cute, but "Level 0" brings thing back to square one. No more levels. As a pursuer, I feel like it is my role to initiate 'the next level'."

The note went on to say all kinds of gushy and romantic stuff, and my heart was fluttering. This guy was the man of my dreams. I had put him through so many tests and "levels", and he always exceeded my expectations. When I finished reading it, I looked up at him, and he told me everything I waited my whole life to hear. 

He held my hands and looked deep into my eyes, so I knew he could see my heart and I could see his. He told me that I was beautiful, he thanked me for helping him to know Jesus' love more through my love, and that he was ready. He was ready for the next level. Before I could respond, he told me that if I wasn't ready, it was okay. He would wait until I was, that he would even wait years for me. 

It was silent for about a minute. Then I shared how honored I would be to share my heart with him. I will never forget, when he looked at me and said, "So you are saying Yes!?" And I giddily said,"Yes!" Which he then replied, "So does that mean I am your boyfriend?" And I said,"Yes, it does!"

Then he learned over and our lips touched for the first time. That first kiss put to shame any other kiss I had ever experienced. It was the kind of kiss where the clouds parted and the angels sang, "Alleluia" from up above. 

The lonely nights during my single days were suddenly SO worth it. I was so glad I did not listen to those people who told me my standards were too high. I thanked God I did not settle for any guy, out of fear of being alone. My prayers, patience, trust, and hope allowed God to lead me to the man He had just for me. 

Scared to let God write your love story? 
Take it from me, it is the best decision you will ever make. 
Let go of the control. 
Hand over the pen, and let Him begin.
P.S. Stay tuned for some of our most memorable moments of our dating relationship! :)


  1. Oh my goodness, THANK YOU so much for this post! People frequently tell me my standards are too high simply because I cut things off with a previous guy {who was "perfectly fine"}. This post is so encouraging to me! God bless!

    1. Thank you for sharing. I went through similar situations. Trust your heart because when it is right, you will know. An overwhelming amount of peace will take over your heart. I will be praying for you!

  2. That is so sweet! I cannot believe how much thought he put into it - you definitely have a very special man! Thank you for posting this series on your blog...I've really started to realize the past year that I should never have to change for a guy. If he really does care about me, he will love me the way I am - with all the quirks of my personality!

    1. Hey Raewyn! It is great to hear from you. Thank you for sharing. Please know you are fearfully and wonderfully made! Your personality quirks are what makes you beautiful! God will send the right man who will love and cherish all parts of you. Praying for you!

  3. Beautiful post! I love the series!

    Sarah @

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Stop by again soon :)

  4. I just went back and read all of the previous post as well. Enjoyed your love story! Good for you, girl!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Leah! I am glad you enjoyed it! Come back again soon! XO

  5. Oh, wow wow wow! :) I just read all the parts in one sitting haha. I totally admire your beautiful, God-centred relationship <3 Wishing you so much happiness xxx

    1. Hi Courtney! THANK YOU for all your sweet words! Please stop by again! XO