May 9, 2013


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December arrived, and the Holiday rush came with it: Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, Christmas baking, Christmas concerts, etc. It is such a magical time of the year, but it is busy! 

Casey and I continued to be in touch on a limited basis. We would text some days at work, maybe talk once a week on the phone, or send a Facebook message, but it was nothing big. In fact, it felt like we were pursuing a friendship more than anything. We were getting to know each other slowly, but surely. 

I was enjoying his attention more and more. That terrified and excited feeling quickly came back. Some of the thoughts in my head:

"Do I like him? Yes... NO!...Maybe?"

"What did he mean by that text?? Could that mean he is interested in me??"

"I haven't heard from him in two days, what does that mean?!"

(Oh, the days where you pick a part each sentence and word they say, and wonder all the possible meanings.)

It was a few days before Christmas, and I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping Friday after work. Casey had called me as I was driving to the mall, he was doing some last minute shopping as well. 

We talked about how excited he was to be going home to his family in Louisiana, and the mission trip to Mexico he was going on the day after Christmas. I shared about how I was headed to Pennsylvania on New Years Day for my second Theology of the Body course, taught by Christopher West. We soon realized that we probably would not be able to talk much over the next two weeks. He would have no phone service in Mexico, and the day he was coming home from his mission trip, was the day I was leaving for Pennsylvania for the week. 

As we were wrapping up our phone conversation and wishing the other "A Merry Christmas"and a "Happy New Year," it happened. He was pacing around in circles at the San Diego Mall, and I was sitting in my car in the parking lot at South Coast Plaza Mall, when all of sudden he said, "I am just going to say it." I was like, "...okay" (heart pounding outside of my chest). Then he proceeded to lay it all out on the table by saying, "I like you. In fact, I like you a lot!

I almost dropped the phone out of my hand. I was in shock. He liked me. He liked me a lot! ...And now he was leaving, and then I was leaving...  Talk about timing :) 

Stay tuned to see what happens next, and how we used those two weeks of time wisely!

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