May 14, 2013


Mother's Day was on Sunday, which always brings up the BIG question of, "What to get Mom??" This usually has me pondering for a while because, of course, you want to give her the BEST! We have a standing tradition of going to morning Mass and then making her a delicious brunch

Over the years, I have gotten my Mom flowers, coupon books filled with acts of love, planned lunch dates to cute places for quality time, etc. This year I wanted to go the extra mile and let my Mom know just how loved and adored she is. I gathered up my siblings and we made her "A Book of Love Notes." I handcrafted the book, and my siblings, along with me, wrote my Mom a letter, thanking her for all she has done for us. Each sibling had their own page in the book that included a picture of them with my Mom, and their letter. 
It was a priceless gift, and by the look on her face as we read our letters to her, I know it is one she will cherish forever. I love you Mom!

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