April 4, 2013


Click here, for How I Met My Husband, Part 1

Throughout 2009, Casey and I continued to run into each other at different Catholic events. We saw each other at RE Congress, Steubenville San Diego, Christian concerts, etc. Each time we ran into each other, we would talk briefly and then carry on. There were no sparks at this point, it was more like, "there is that really nice guy from Louisiana." He was someone I could see myself being friends with. We were Facebook friends, so I guess that made our friendship "official." :)

In November of 2009 a certain movie came out that I may have been a little excited to see... eh hem.."New Moon." I will admit it. I am a "Twihard." I definitely read all the books and saw all the movies. I may even own some (don't judge)... Anyway, one day my Facebook status was expressing my excitement for the "New Moon" premier, which prompted Casey and his roommate Ben to tease me. Being the proud Twihard fan that I am, I stood up for my love of this movie. It was an exchange that went back and forth in good fun.

At the end of the day, right when I was packing up my things to go home from work, my cell phone started to ring. It was a number I didn't know with a San Diego area code. I answered it and it was Casey...

Stay tuned to hear about this game changer phone conversation.

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