May 8, 2013


I don't know about you, but I am not a morning person. This can affect my spiritual life as far as taking advantage of the morning time to start my day right, to start it in prayer. There is something so refreshing about surrendering my day to God right from the start. This can be difficult when it takes me awhile to get "fully awake." A friend, recently shared with me the prayer below. I think that it very clearly expresses what I want to convey to God, but don't always have the words to say. I love the message of gratitude woven throughout it

LORD JESUS, I thank you
for bestowing on me the gift of life.
     You know everything that has affected me
emotionally, physically and spiritually
-all inner experiences
of my mind and heart
-all that has formed me
into the person I am today.
     Forgive me, Lord for the many times
that I have failed you, myself, and others.
I forgive anyone who has ever failed or hurt me.
     Help me to see that my difficulties have an
important part to play in bringing me to the full
person that you have called me to be.
     Don't let me loss or miss anything that you
want to do in me through this struggle to
complete my life here on earth and to make me
ready for an eternal life with you.
     I renounce any rebellion or fear.
And while I do not quite understand your way of
directing my life right now, I wish to let go of
any possessiveness over my life.
     I surrender all the details of my present
struggle into your loving  care.
     And since I cannot now pray as well as I would
wish, I ask you to accept instead each breath I 
draw as an act of love and trust in your loving
     You are my Savior. Your kingdom come- your
will be done. I know that you will not forsake
me. Grant that I might love you always then do
with me what you will.

The best part of waking up is starting your day with praise and gratitude for our Lord!  
Hope you enjoy it as much as I have :)

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