June 7, 2013


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"Thank you for flying Delta Airlines..."

The flight back from Pennsylvania to Orange County was filled with excitement. People sitting next to me on the plane tried to spark up conversations, but quick responses were all they got. My head and heart where in another place. I could not wait to see Casey, to be in his presence! I wanted to hear all about his mission trip to Mexico, and see what God had revealed to him through his prayer. The whole flight I sat, clenching my rosary in my right hand, praying and dreaming of what was to come. 

Due to the 92.5 miles between us and our jobs, we were unable to get together until the following weekend...Talk about the longest week of my life! I know the saying, "Good things come to those who wait," but I had already waited 5 years!

FINALLY, the weekend came and Casey drove up to Orange County for our first official date. I will never forget the moment when we first saw each other. There were no words. We just looked deep into each other eyes and then embraced the other, for a hug that is definitely a contender for one of the best hugs in the history of the world. 

Off to dinner we went. Since Casey was not that familiar with Orange County, I chose the restaurant. I wanted us to go to a place that wouldn't be rushing us out so they could have our table, and quiet so we could really connect and not be straining to hear one another. My choice was this hole in the wall Italian restaurant in Orange called, "Mascarpone's." It is run by Italians fresh from Italy, and you get the same treatment as you would if you were actually in Italy. It takes about 3 hours to get through dinner, it is dimly lit, and authentic Italian food. 

It was a Friday night when we went, and I am not sure what was happening there, but it look liked an Italian Mafia meeting was taken place. The restaurant was very small, but it was packed to the rim with older Italian men. There was literally only one other woman in the whole place besides me. Despite the "mafia" meeting going on, we put in our name. The hostess informed us that there was one table left, and we should feel lucky since that table was known as their "honeymoon" table. Umm... no pressure... I mean it is only our first date :)

Once we got settled at our "honeymoon" table, we finally got to share our hearts and our experiences. He again just put me at ease and it felt like I was eating dinner with an old friend, not at all the first date jitters you usually experience. It felt good. It felt right. 

Even though, I knew that I wanted Casey to pursue me and we were officially starting to date, I wanted to let him know where I stood on some things. I told him that I do not kiss boys who are not my boyfriend and that I was waiting till marriage to have sex. Purity and virginity is mocked in our society, but it is such a beautiful thing. So many girls feel like no guy would want a girl that wasn't willing to "give it up." I am here to tell you that is a MYTH. Casey not only respected my decision, but wouldn't have wanted it to be any other way. That is what he desired as well. Good Catholic Holy men, who honor chastity, do EXIST.

After dinner we did some star gazing and then he took me home. We stood at my doorstop for awhile, neither wanting to say good-bye. We knew it would be a week before we would see each other again because of the distance between us. He brought me in close and I remember as my head rested on his chest, I felt something inside of myself that I didn't know if I would ever feel again, I felt safe. As we pulled away, he gave me a gentle kiss on my forehead, and then I watched him drive away into the dark night sky. 

Stay tuned to find out how Casey officially becomes my boyfriend and finally gets that kiss! I made him work hard for it ;)


  1. Aaah love it! So excited for the next installment!

    1. I am so glad you are enjoying these, Stephanie! Thanks for reading! :)

  2. These are so beautiful to read! I can't wait to see the rest!

    1. Awe! Thanks Laura! That means a lot! God bless :)