June 4, 2013


I wish people did not get road rage, and flash inappropriate signs.
I am thankful I get to exercise that moment of grace, and look the other way (Oh, the joys of California driving).

I wish the dirty dishes in my sink would clean themselves.
I am thankful for the food we had to eat tonight to dirty those dishes, and I pray for the 1 billion people who will go to sleep tonight hungry.

I wish I could sleep in tomorrow morning.
I am thankful for my job and pray for all of those unemployed.

I wish my family and friends lived closer than 92.5 miles away so I could see them daily.
I am thankful that they are a car ride away and get to see them as often I as I do.

I wish Casey's family was not 3,000 miles away so my husband wouldn't get homesick :(
I am thankful for who his family is in our lives, and how much they love and support us despite the hardship of distance. Plus I love my new Southern roots of front porch visiting, gumbo, and sweat tea. 

The hubby and I have been homesick lately. It is a weird feeling. It makes you feel alone,  and everything around you just seems wrong since it is not home. I saw this on another blog, and I truly believe God sent this just for me on this very night. It was His love note to me to remind me to never doubt Him and His plan, He's got me covered. Even though I wish Orange County and Louisiana could combine and plant themselves right smack dab in the middle of San Diego, I know this experience is helping me become more of the woman He created me to be. 


  1. We're preparing to move very far away from our families again and I'm already homesick. It's so hard and even harder with a little one.

    1. I can only imagine :(...My heart and prayers go out to you.