May 24, 2013


Casey and I spoke right before he left to go on his mission trip to Mexico, and we decided that as much as our trips seemed like "bad timing," it was actually perfect timing. While we were both away, we were going to take our relationship to prayer and discern what God's will was for us. We knew that we were attracted to each other and enjoyed one another, but was this relationship in line with what God wanted for us? 

I know from my own personal experience, that giving God control of my life can be very difficult at times, but His plans always turn out 100 times better than anything I could ever planned for myself. So, even though my emotions were screaming, "Yes, I want to be in a relationship with Casey,I wanted to make sure God was echoing that same thing for me ;)

Off to Mexico, Casey went. 

Off to Pennsylvania, I went. 
I went to Pennsylvania to attend a week long course taught by Christopher West at the Theology of the Body Institute. This would be my second time at the Institute, and it was just as life changing the second time around as it was the first. Even though it is a course, it is a retreat as well. The course is taught in front of the Blessed Sacrament, and you literally can feel God transforming your head and your heart as you learn about His true plan for love, sex, and marriage

During that whole week, I carried in my heart the intention of Casey and I. I prayed that God would remove the desire and give me anxiety if it was not of Him, and then I prayed that He would give me peace and joy if it was of Him. 

To be completely honest, there was a part of me that was scared. My heart had been broken a couple of times by guys that I thought were the "one," and I didn't want to get hurt again.

One of the greatest parts about being at this course/retreat was visiting with the other people attending. People were there from all over the country. These people were beautiful and devout in their faith.  It was like sitting in a room with a group of spiritual mentors. I continued to feel peace and joy whenever I would pray for Casey, and I also got a lot of wisdom and confirmation from the people at the course whom I shared about Casey. They also reminded me that God cannot work in our fear.  I had to let go of my fear of getting hurt. 

On the last night of the course, I stayed up late and sat before the Blessed Sacrament. It was just me and Jesus. I prayed for Casey, for me, for us, and told God I believed He was telling me to say, "Yes." I asked Him to please send a big sign over the next few days to show me I was correct. 

Shortly after, I headed back to my room to go to bed for the night. As I was about to change into my PJs, I checked my phone and found this text from Casey,  
"Megan, I did not force what happened with us, that is the main reason I believe in it so much... this is way to quick to tell somebody this, but oh well.... Megan, you are amazing! You are a beautiful soul and so humble.... Those qualities are what drive guys like me, to the ends of the earth to discover."
After I read that text, I looked up to Heaven and said, "Thank you, God... Thank you." It was official. God had sent me the man of my dreams, the man who would go to the ends of the earth to discover me (smile). 

Stay tuned to see what happens when we finally reunite!

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