June 19, 2013


You are at the beach with some girlfriends, when your Bestie turns to you and says, "Cute boys, 2 o'clock." Your attention is quickly drawn to some very handsome guys playing a volleyball game. You do not want to stare, so you do your best to give some nonchalant glances every once in while. And then it happens, one of them hits the volleyball out of bounds and the ball is rolling your way. This is your chance, your friends give you the nudge. You stir up every ounce of confidence you have and pick up the ball to throw back to them. Then you notice after gracefully throwing the ball back, they are walking towards you! Cue the heart beating out of your chest, and the millions of, "Oh my gosh's" continuing over and over in your head. 

Introductions and conversation starts, the guy you had your eye on, is focusing his attention on you. Suddenly "Mr. Handsome" wants to know if you are free tomorrow night for dinner. You say, "yes" and give him your number. After departing ways, and once they are out of ear shot range, your friends and yourself have a minor freak out session. All of sudden, you start to wonder what you are going to wear, how are you going to do your hair...Ahh! All the big questions, right?? Not quite. 

Don't let this cute guy with his sunkist volleyball bod get the best of you yet. Many times, we get so caught up with dating someone, how cute he is, finally having a boyfriend, even what we are going to wear, and fail to realize that you need to make sure this guy is actually worth your time. Before you are start exchanging your last name with his, make sure he has none of the qualities on the "Dump Him List.

This list was created by Crystalina Evert, and covers all the qualities that are RED FLAGS. Dating someone who has all or even one of these qualities will lead to a destructive relationship. Don't risk your heart. Don't settle. Don't think you can change him. You are worth more. Please share this list with your friends, and anyone you know in a relationship. Your heart is too precious to be giving pieces of it to Mr. Wrong. Trust me, God's got someone better for you, and if you seek God, He will bring Mr. Right into your life in His perfect timing. 


  1. I've never seen this list before, but I LOVE it! Definitely going to share it with my students and even some friends. Also, I'm loving what I've seen of your blog so far--can't believe I didn't know about it till now! xoxo Christina Grace @ The Evangelista

    1. Hey Christina! Thanks for stopping by! I taught 7th and 8th grade Religion and this list is an excellent resource for them and us :) Have a great weekend! XO