June 28, 2013


Living in a place that is a vacation destination definitely has it perks, but surprisingly enough, a whole summer can go by with you only going to the beach ONE time! I swear, that happened one summer, even with the beautiful beaches being 15 minutes away. To avoid that tragedy from ever happening again, the husband and I decided to be very intentional with our dates. This summer is going to be busy with weddings, bachelorette weekends, birthdays, etc., so I don't want to blink and have it be September and feel like we haven't truly taken advantage of all that San Diego has to offer. As a result, we did what any "normal" couple would do, we made a list of the 10 dates of summer :)... nerds, I know!

First on the list was exploring the Cabrillo National Monument. I highly recommend it to anyone who comes to visit San Diego. For a long time, Casey and I thought it was just a lighthouse with a view of the city, which it has, but it also has a heck of a lot more. They have a road that leads down to the ocean with some trails that lead to one breathe-taking view to the next. You feel like you are looking at a potential postcard everywhere you turn. It was STUNNING! And a great way to kick off the 10 dates of summer. 
Stay tuned to see the other nine dates! What are some of your favorite summer dates? I would love to hear from you!

Have a blessed weekend! Thanks for reading! XO


  1. That is such a great idea! I'm from Chicago and one of my favorite dates for the summer is going to Navy Pier and riding the huge Ferris Wheel at night. It is definitely romantic being over Lake Michigan at night and seeing all the lights!

    1. Hey Alessandra! I love your summer date idea! So romantic! I have never been to Chicago, but I hope to make it one day! Have a great weekend! :)