May 17, 2013


Dear Trader Joes (affectionately called TJoes),

I feel like it was love at first sight with you. I mean who could resist your cinnamon swirl bread, turkey chili, veggie sticks, hummus, blueberry bars, and 2 buck chuck (which is now 2.50...what the heck?). 

And then once a year, for about 3 weeks, you rock my world by selling my most favorite flower in the whole world- PEONIES! I can not even begin to describe the excitement I feel when I walk in and see them on your flower display for a whooping $6.99. I feel as if TJoes is saying, "Megan, I got these just for you." Which makes me want to reply, "You shouldn't have, but man, I am sooo glad you did.
I buy as many as I possibly can. This usually leads to me getting some stares in the check-out line. I just want to kindly respond with, "Ladies, don't judge! Only 3 weeks of the year :)"
Then each morning, I watch them bloom bigger and bigger.
 The world just feels a little more beautiful for those 3 weeks
TJoes, you have a special place in my heart. During these next few weeks, you are very high on my list :)

Have a great weekend, Ladies! Thanks for reading, XO!


  1. Oooh I need to go see if the one near me has some too!

    1. Yes! They will definitely brighten your week :) Thanks for reading!