April 17, 2013


This video was trending all over Facebook, and I feel like I need to share it. In fact, I wish I could sit every woman down, and make her watch it. It is a short video that does a social experiment on womens' perspectives of their own beauty. A statistic shared in the film, that deeply saddened me, was that only 4% of women around the world considered themselves to be beautiful. 4%!! 

As someone who speaks to woman about their dignity and worth, the 4% breaks my heart, but does not surprise me. We live in a culture that is constantly telling us we are not good enough. We need to do this or buy that, if we want to be up to par with what the media is portraying as “beautiful.” I think this affects everyone to some degree, but these pressures especially hit women hard. Society has created this unrealistic reality of what they declare “beautiful” is. There is no message in the media telling women to embrace who they are, and that they fill a place in this world no one else can. Women today, more than ever before, feel very insecure, and doubt the beauty they each bear. 

PLEASE watch this very insightful and inspiring short video, and do me a favor, pass it on to as many other woman as you can. 

You are beautiful because you were MADE IN HIS IMAGE. Period. End of the story. 
Now, it is up to YOU to start believing it!



  1. Wow, Meg, thanks for sharing! That made me tear up...thats one of the biggest battles I have had since I was a young girl, loving my body. Even though I tell girl's in youth ministry and chastity talks I give the message of that video, its sometimes harder to believe myself...thanks for the inspiration and reminder for me! :)

    1. Thank you for your honesty, Patty! It can be hard to believe. That is why I love this video and its message. I always pray that I see myself the way God does. That is so awesome you do chastity talks as well :)