April 8, 2013


As I mentioned on Friday, the hubs and I on Saturday were off to the San Diego Youth Day event called Synergy. I gave two break-out workshop talks about love & dating, and Casey played with his band, Love Resonate. He is the cute drummer pictured above ;) 

I gave my talk in the Marian Chapel. It was beautiful, and really helped set the mood to talk about God's plan for love and relationships. It was SO great to meet so many awesome teens that day! Here are some pictures from the day...
Casey on the big screen (Proud Wife)

We both felt honored and blessed to be a part of the day. A big thanks to all the teens for coming with open hearts, and to the Diocese of San Diego for hosting such a great day! 
We are praying for y'all! XO


  1. What a wonderful opportunity for you both! And to talk to teens about love and relationships, sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    1. It was, indeed! Thanks for reading, Rachel! Have a blessed day! :)

  2. Mighty to Save!! Love that song :) Looks like a wonderful weekend xx