April 26, 2013

PEARLS OF WISDOM...and a funny story :)

Friday is here, which means it is the WEEKEND! Guess what I am doing this weekend?! Unpacking...Blah :( Hopefully we will finish though, and kick this moving thing to the curb. So. Over. It.  My plan is to have more exciting adventures to share next weekend.

{Funny story of the week}
It was Wednesday morning. I was taking a shower at the new house. Minding my own business, when all of a sudden a loud noise started ringing throughout the bathroom, like ear wrenching noise

Me, being the dramatic person that I am, started thinking the absolute worst. These are some of the thoughts that rushed through my mind, "Did the pipe burst?" "Is our house going to flood?" "Or wait, is that the fire alarm?" "IS THERE A FIRE?!" Luckily, I didn't have any more shampoo in my hair or soap on my body, so I sprinted out of there as fast as I could. 

The noise got louder as I left the bathroom since it was the fire alarm in our bedroom going off (insert small panic attack). I quickly scanned the house and did NOT see a fire in site (Thank God). I called the husband who was already on his way to work, and told him, "Oh my gosh, the fire alarm is going off!" Before I could say anything more, he said he was on his way back home (My hero). 

In the end, the battery was just running low, and I guess the stupid thing wanted to scare the bejesus out of me to let me know. Talk about a wake-up call! The battery has been replaced, and hopefully we are good now. Nothing like a good ol' fire alarm scare to start your morning :)

Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading! XO

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  1. you are so funny! Glad it was only a wake-up CALL!